Montessori Curriculum

The core curriculum in the elementary program is designed to capture the child’s growing interest and to challenge the child to further build upon their current knowledge. The elementary children are better able to grasp the abstract concepts of math, geometry, and science. Based on these developmental stages the elementary classroom includes seven areas of core studies including:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Geometry
  • History
  • Geography
  • Zoology
  • Botany


Language is weaved throughout each area of the classroom.

  • Learning comprehension as children work with nomenclature and complete research projects
  • Learning the parts of speech through a series of interactive lessons chilidren can apply in their own writing.
  • Spelling tests throughout the year based on each level
  • Supplementary handwriting program, Hand Writing Without Tears, allowing children to learn manuscript and cursive.


The children in the Montessori program are exposed to addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, fractions, powers of numbers, word problems, and more. The math area allows:

  • Children the time and tools needed to really understand the process behind mathematics .
  • Children learn to abstract each process after they have an opportunity to experience the mechanics.
  • Supplementary math program, Math-U- See, blends the child’s experience with concrete materials and their ability to work abstractly at different levels

Multi-Aged Learning Environment

The Montessori classroom is designed as a multi aged learning environment. Mixed age classrooms have been proven to be successful for a number of reasons.

  • Children working in the multi age class have found to have a better attitude toward school.
  • Older students take pride in giving lessons and assistance and understanding to those who are younger
  • Younger students look to older students with an expectation of being treated well by them and learning from them.
  • Children learn leadership skills as well as support skills; Leadership requires skills in teamwork and cooperation.

Weekly Specials

  • Monday-Art
  • Tuesday-Mandarin Chinese
  • Wednesday-Music
  • Thursday-Spanish
  • Friday-P.E.

In addition to our daily studies the children have a variety of experiences throughout the year including; guest speakers, field trips, science fair, spirit days, musical performances, class parties, and more.