Here in the Quality Interactive Infant Room, our goal is to prepare your little ones at a young age for Their future in the Montessori Method of education. In order to do this, we work daily on the following goals:

  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Language and Communication
  • Small and Large Motor Development
  • Emotional


Social development has to do with how your baby interacts to the human face and voice. Infants will begin learning how to smile and coo. Eventually infants will learn to engage in parallel play and small group interaction with 2-3 friends.


Infants will learn to match individual shapes to forms and engage in table activities such as puzzles.

Language and Communication:

Infant’s receptive language development (how well baby actually understands) will progress greatly. Infants will learn to expand expressive language skills by teachers singing songs, reading books, and talking to children. Teachers will take the time to acknowledge what each child is doing and react in a positive manner. Infants will also eventually learn how to independently turn pages of books.

Small/Large Motor Development:

As your infants are in our room they will learn how to hold their head up, sit, pull up, roll over, and walk. We will then work on your infant’s hand-eye coordination skills by teaching them how to reach and grasp items.


Infants will learn how to clap their hands when they’re proud of themselves. Infants will also increase their self-help skills by independently using forks/spoons to feed themselves as well as learning how to hold their own bottle. We provide a safe and nurturing environment so that our babies feel comfortable and secure at our school.