At Quality Interactive Private School we pride ourselves on personalized education. We believe each of our students is an individual, so why not be taught that way? With our low student to teacher ratio and commitment to small group learning we offer this to each and everyone of our students.


One of the driving core values of the Montessori teaching method is helping others in a time of need. At QI we believe in helping those less fortunate, and down on their luck. That is why every year we select various charities and organizations to help aid their mission and in the process teach the students just how rewarding giving back can be.

Early Exposure to Entrepreneurship

One of the practical life experiences in the upper elementary class involves running a business – The QI Vanilla Coffee Shop. The coffee shop began in the spring of 2013, when the then-third graders submitted a business plan to our Head of School. The plan included a description of the business, a list of equipment and supplies needed and a request for a small business loan of $200. The loan was approved, the students signed a contract agreeing on payback terms, and the QI Vanilla Coffee Shop opened for business – serving drinks and snacks to students and parents during drop-off every Friday morning.Distribution of profits follows a pattern referred to as “SISS”, or Share, Invest, Save, and Spend. Each week, profits for that week are divided equally into four accounts:

Share: This money is used to help others who are less fortunate. Periodically, the students discuss and select those charities that are meaningful to them and make the donations. To date, they have donated to The Boston Children’s Hospital, a Colorado food bank for flood relief, and to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Invest: This money is reinvested in the business. The students analyze the operations of their business and discuss needs. Save: The importance of saving for a rainy day is thoroughly understood through real-life experience.

Spend: This account is used to purchase items for the classroom that are not related to the coffee shop.


Living in the beautiful state of Arizona we think it is very important to teach a respect for nature and how to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. One way we accomplish this is through the school garden. Children learn how to plant, nurture, and ultimately harvest a garden right here on school grounds. This opportunity helps the students learn the value of patients and diligence along with an appreciation for hard work.

Yoga, Spanish, Chinese, Art, PE and Music

Our students learn to mentally and physically challenge themselves through enrichment activities. We believe it is important to push your personal boundaries and comfort zone. This helps our students become more well rounded and appreciate the diversity the world has to offer. Opening their minds and bodies to future opportunists. This is all added at no additional cost!

Award Winning Science Fair Projects

At QI Montessori we have 100% participation in the Cave Creek School District Science Fair Contest. Students are encouraged to look at something that interest them and they want to learn more about. Our students routinely receive recognition for their outstanding effort and projects at the competition.


We know the potential in each and everyone of the children that come through our doors, and we would never want money to be the main limiting factor to helping your child reach their full abilities at Quality Interactive Montessori. That is why we have partnered with the Arizona Scholarship Fund and Arizona Private School Education Scholarship to help increase our abilities to help families that need a little extra help. We offer scholarships to our kindergarten and elementary students.