The staff of Quality Interactive Montessori School strives to provide the best learning experience for each child. We derive a tremendous feeling of accomplishment from the progress of every individual student.

We are delighted that the students of our parents also share our passion for nurturing their sons and daughters. Our continued success is based on maintaining this strong relationship which is the foundation for each student’s education.

Below are some recommendations from a few of those proud parents.

Marianne Cox

I want to thank you for our 4 years with QI…it is bittersweet to be moving on to the next stage. All three of our kids have benefited greatly for their time at QI and the wonderful Montessori curriculum and dedication of your teachers. I also want to thank you and your staff for your care and understanding especially in the first couple of years when Hanna and Nolan were in the toddler room.You did what you could to make things easier for me and I will be ever grateful!

Abigail, Josh, Asher & Alexandra

Thank you for all you do at QI. We are very grateful to have such an amazing school for our children. I was nervous about transitioning to QI,but you and the teachers helped my son feel comfortable & you have all provided a phenomenal, educational, nurturing, exciting, fun and happy place for Asher & Alexandra to blossom. I am thrilled with their progress. QI gives them a strong foundation. Thank you again!

Susan and Mike

Thank you for providing such an amazing preschool for the Cave Creek community! Quality Interactive has been everything preschool should be and more! You really go the extra mile in educating our young. Mike and I are thrilled with the experience our daughter has had at your school! She has grown in so many ways! We have only great things to say about your school! It has been a pleasure.

Susan, John and Jace Williams

My son was about to turn 3 and he had already attended three different schools, all of which tried to stifle his true personality and abilities. What our son found at QI was the security of an ordered calm environment, alongside great creativity and flexibility. QI has allowed his intellect and imagination to soar while providing a loving, fun place to spend his day. Coming from two working parents, I cannot tell you how much this school has meant to us, we consider them a true extension of our family!

Amy Cummings

My daughter came to Quality Interactive Montessori School just after she turned 2 years old. She is currently 6 years old and in the 1st grade.

I have been enormously pleased with her response to this environment. The emphasis on character development has taught her valuable life-long lessons and honed her social skills. The Montessori approach to education has fueled a passion for learning that remains consistent, even given the change in instructors each year.

I reflect on her experience knowing that sometimes you get what you pay for, but sometimes what you “get” is priceless!

Kay Runke

As a retired First Grade Teacher, I am constantly aware of the importance of early childhood education.In today’s society, Pre Schools play an important part of the development of our children.

I have watched my three Granddaughters (the most important part of my life) grow educationally and emotionally with the influence of a great program at Quality Interactive Montessori and wonderful parents.

Quality Interactive Montessori provides caring involved teachers and a great curriculum adjusted to the needs of the children. It also provides a beautiful environment for learning and developing social skills.

I am thankful that my Granddaughters have had the opportunity to obtain their Pre School experience in such a positive place.

Bill Riccio

I am truly unable to find the right words to express our happiness and gratitude for all that Connie and team do for Grayson and Emme. Connie is an unbelievable find and such an overwhelmingly talented leader. I am greeted with a warm and friendly smile every morning from Connie, and she always gives an update on how things went the day before. We feel extremely lucky that she landed at I and joined the already amazing team.

Emme and Grayson demonstrate such impressive development each and every day. I will be sure and remind them that they were led by an incredible group of people during the most critical stages of their development. Thank you again for the opportunity to offer our kids the best!

I know receiving words of praise never gets old, but this is a rarity for me. One thing I rarely do is draft a letter or email for a positive experience; however, I find myself doing it often for your team and overly excited to do so. I hope you feel good receiving kinds words about your crew because I know I like sending them.

Kimberly Lowe

Thanks for everything you have done for both my children! I know QI was the best education they could receive in their early years! You have such an amazing program there.